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>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> we live next door to a maryland state trooper, i guess3 you feel safe. >> a state trooper charggd with possesssng child pornography. what tips off investigaaors and why the trooper turned hiiself in. >> maayland ocial sscurity numbers exposeedon the internet. why safeguards didn't stop the security breach and how to find out if your identity ii safe.ú >>> and place your bets! where thousands f marylanders are expected to lay down their money on table gaaes. >>> good morning, it's tuesday, july 20th. you see the flag there blowing in an ever so slight breeze. all i felt was heat this morniig not so much breeze but we will see if that will be the case throughout the day. gooddmorning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fe fertig to ú%e us know if we can expect a >> we will get a 5-10-mile-an-hour uuts. >> that is nothing. >> not enough to cool you off. %-last hour in ballimore.y. dropped a degree or two. they will bounce back and start to limb toward the 90-ddgree high that we expecctto get to. to the west garrett county a little bit of ac
severe storms rip through maryland, the damage you're wakkng up to today. >>> protection or pornography. a mother whose child went through an airport full body scanner speaks out. >>> and they train and exercise, but is it a sport? the judge's rulings that have put the futurr of cheerleading up for debate. >>> good morning. it's monday, july 26th. i'm patrice harris. a hot weekend. will we get more of the hot temmeratures for the workweek..3 meteorologist teve fertig is here to fill us in. we had hot temperatures and thunderstorms. i tried to hide in yesterday with the air-conditioning and i went out right when the storm started. i got caughh. 1 degrees for the the 5th time in the no which is an all time monthly record, too. hoo and humid with a chance of thunderstorms that were moving through, more than a chance, obviously did. today we have really little chance of seeing anything other than hot conditions but not as hot and lower hhmidity, not seeing any rain out there that has moved out of here to the south and east. 77 degrees in baltimore is we're looking at the fro
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> i have found that artner, thaa maryland partnee to help uú turn annapolis arounn. >>> turning to faaebook. theebig announcement bob ehrlicú made on the social networking site. >> last hug, mom and dad, last hug.3 >> every day people become midshipmmn. we are live at the naval academy induction day as their transformation takes lace. hurricane alex. >>> good morning. it's thursday, july 1st. i'm patrice harris..3 let's get a check of our forecaat as we begin this first day of a new month, meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> wwll, the nnw month starts -ff where the old month ended. of course the old month had a lot of hot and humid days. >> yysterday was not one of ú%em. >> yesterday was not one of them. we finished with tempeeatures in the 80s and low humidity. >> if tte rest f july could stay thaa way, you would be on the top of everybody's best friend list. >> if ii would, but it won't. enjoy today and tomorrow because things are goinn to go back to weather or the holiday weekend. today should be a beauty. 60 in salisbury and 57 in as you
to the extreme heat out there. and maryland isn't the only state feeling the burn offan exxended heatwave. -tmppratures could reach as high as 102 degrees across the mid-atlantic today. the recent holiday weekend wass3 not much cooler. the thermostat has already been in the mid-90s for several days now anddwaahington dc many visitors to the national mall indulged in good retaii therapy to cool down. >> staying in the stores keeping cool. >>>is ttat helping. come out the tores veryyslowly into the heaa. unfortunately the lieutenant governor of massachusetts did not have that opttonful while after take paat in five events -his week hh did start to feel ssck and had to be hospitalized. >>> a womaa was discovered in a parking lot. >>> hundreds of amtrak passengerr are left sweating it down in 90-degree heat. the rain came to a complete stop yesterday nortt of new york city. firecrews responded qqickly bringing water and medical aid to all of those passengers. it took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire officials say ooerhead despite thh heat, thhogh, all ú%0 passengers had to remain on board beeau
and nothhng. >> at maryland legal aid attorneys want tenantt to know they doohave rights. if land plordz d landlords do ne problem they urge tenant to contact the county inspector and document everything. >>> president obama spoke yesterday in d.c. he says we need to take more borders. the president also stated that the ccrrent system is broken but that arizona's law is no solutionn >> it's not just that the law arizona passed is -- although it has fanned the flames of a contentious debatt. laws like arizona put huge pressure on local law enforcement, can force rules that ultimately are unenforceable. >> the resident says new hard and follow the law while in ú%erica. that legislltion would go inno effect this month inside and3 stay tuned to fox 45 morrinn3 news for ccntinuing coverage of this story. we wiil talk to congressman elijah cummings about the president's push for immigration reform. that is coming up later this hour. >>> coming u it's america's big birthdayybash with a liitle bit of a twist. howwfort mchenry is celebrating the fourth of july hawaiian style. >>> let's start the
the tunnel downn3 towards the beltway. breaking news this morning. earthquake hit maryland just after 5::0 this morning. according to tte national earthquake infoomation center, the epiccnter of the 3.6 magnitude quake was in county. the epicenter and joins us jim. >> morning. >> aal righh, so what did you feel because we're hearing all kinds of reeorts this morning. p> well, we were up early the brooms and it -- bedrooms and it really was like a buiid-up rumble% activity that happened. the houss started off low rumbling and started gettinn were shaking on the walls. >> it sounded like a traan% aircraft flowing ffying -pthrough. >> iddyou think it was an earthquake or aawere you thinking in what in the wwrld. >> i was thinking whht in the worll because actually,,3 you know, we have airplanes thht fly over our house goinn inno dulls ann thooght, boy, that was a low-flling aircraft, hat was rrally, really low flooiing and we looked out the windows and didn't see anything and it was very last. >> i would say it seemed like a minute but ppobably more like 7 to 10 seconds really. >> and no
activity in baltimore, though. it's on 25th street that is right at maryland avenue. that is a look at your morning travels. patrice, back over to you. >>> ttink you got what it takes to be the next american idol? ♪ ♪ before this ♪ i know i can depend on him 7 already underway. we want to get you to the front of theeline. it's fox 45's baltimore idol. on thursday, july 29th, come to east point mall and the winner of our singing contest will get a guaranteed audition in front of american idol producers in new jersey. for more information go to fox 45 baltimore idol is rought to you by east point mall, mix 106 and fox 45 morniig news. >>> still ahead president obama apologized to the woman forced out of her job at thh ddpartment of aggiculture. coming up our political commentator weighs in on the matter. >>> next staying on your a game to get your next job.ú what employers may be lookinn at Ñéáá'q'qry y y y eáe >>> after slumping the day before, stocks came roaring bacú on thuusday. the dow rallied to gain roughly lots of strong earning reports and a better than expected >>the
tt heat. that brings the number of heat related deaths n maryland now to eight compared to 6 last year. with safety a top priority bbltimmre city officials have extended a code red heat alert through today. whhle temperatures are expected to fall bblow triple digits %-into thheupper 90s.3úll reach big cities can be hit hardesttby the concrete, asphalt and sttel absorb more solar eeergy duringú the day and are slow to release it at night. officials are warning people to ú% on the look outtfor heat exhaustion, symptoms include -lammy skin, dizziness and even3 vomiting the cooling ccnters will be open thhoughout the city. anne arundel and har harford hae opened cooling centers. for more inffrmaaion go to lnks. >>> mta s starting a new that is where we find joel d smith liie at pen station where ffustrrted commuters have been delayed for more than hoor redently. %-maainggchanggs. mta is they have seen the complaints and havv seen the problems. -t the they are going to make. ú%re that water is on most the trains.3 they have water n standby. they will have t
officers and for the first time thhy had troopers from the maryland state police. no violence here but still a viollnt weekend. a lot of people they saw ouuside of the iiner harbor, what about the xtra prooeccion for hem. there's budgets limits aad by and large even though it was a violenn weekend, police say iit3 was criminaas shooting other criminals, regular folks they were pretty safe. joel d smith at the iiner harbor. >>> a fitch years old willl 15 e charged as an adult. he shot cordon canada. canada's sister tell us they can't imagine what would have led tt the shootinn. theer brotherrhad just graduated from higg school and had a p>ttat was two weeks ago and he was lookinggforward to august going to culinary school and ú%is issdevastating.3 >> that was my heart. >> powell is facing first-degree -urder harges. right now he is being held without bail at the baltimore couuty detentton center. he is exxected to have a bail reeiee tomorrow. >>> a fist fight turns deadly when the victim hits his head falling to the ground. 23-year-old robert r eiky died at shamrock courtt he wa
,,33 new jersey. on the weetern part f maryland. sooe of that activity will move through tte central ounties and -he eastern shore later this morning and through the %-wise.n baltimore temperaturehe 75 ind.c. 75 in hhgerstown. a hot and humid day as tempeeatures cliib toú%90 degre. kcan't rule outta shower oo thunderstorm. it justtwon't be aa widespread as it ould be. we will alk about the timing of thh storms but right now candac3 %--> reporter: steve, thosee. storms did comm through ú%sterday and a llt of rain. in fact, now it's causing flooding thii morning. you will ind it n the ramp ú% to northern parkway. just be aware, it's right t the -ase of the ramp. it will definittly slow you down movinn through the area. on 83 just above the beltway, traveling ttrough altimore county, things look muuh betterr there are no ncidents to3 report. here, it is, northbound and southbound lanes the cars are zipping along in both directions. as for the beltway scooting throuuh the area from 83 up toward 795 wiee i!! 795 ww're i8 minntes at 52 miies ppe hour. and an lech-minute ride --
money. >> the state of maryland is losing close to $2 million a day revenue when it's going out of state and it's a lot of money. >> cordish paid the state more than $28 million in liccnsing fees to build a inowe at arunnel mills. >>> no more on core, the final curtain is here for the former ownerr officials say thh city ownedd3 theater must go dark tied. but joel d smith is live at the theater wwere it seems there might be more drama, good morning, joel. >> reporter: here's been a a lot of people know about tte senator. it's been here ffr 71 years and thousand could be the last day they shoo movies in a long time. you come over here and you get -ear the door and you can still smell the lingering poocorn smell. and the last show they're dding, theenew hope, star wars for free theelong time owner and the operator of his place, started ú%ound 1177 when store wars came out. it's going to finish that way, also. thii week new management will take over. like the aagood movie there could be a twist. the former owner and current operator has 2,000 friends whoo3 havv been protesting the decis
this weekend. >> we are now living here in the city of baltimmreeand the state of maryland. it's an opportunity for us to exprrss ourselves. for ussdancing is like prayer i3 motion. for ussto give thanks to thh creatorr the way we ove and the -ay we sttp has a meaning and purpose. we are rrally showing our teachiig whether ii be from a small childrrn to even at an oller age. it's a way to give people individualiallvisually what we ú ú% reporter: can youugive s a taste of what theyycan expect gg for it. -7 ♪3 ♪. >> reporter: the 36th annual pow-wow and native american festival is at the maryland fairgrouuds on saturday and -unday. for more information log on to it looks like it may be a wet weekend. anooher warm one, 90 degrees -aturday and sunday. ú%chance f shhwers on saturday, but this is an indoor event so a good chance to be indoors. there's a a little bit of rain weekend to come out and p>> we're gettinggmore rain today. i donnt know if that is legend or not, we may have to ask them if there'sssuch a thing as rain dance. we re look forwarr to more rri
-breaking temmeratures.ú ú% it feels like 111. -rink a lot of water. it's maryland weather. %-just wait a second, it's goiig >>>he thermostat read 100 degrees yesterday afternoon at bwi thurggod marshal airport surpassing the previous record so farrthis year the region has seen four yearssof triple depth temperatures and might not be over just yet. all of this heat means that the cciy's code aation weather plaa code red is exppnddng today. four addiiional rec centers will be open at cooling centers and private homeless helters are beinggaskkd to increaseetheir operating hours. joel d smith has more on code red at a place where heat is the enemy. and seeing you in a jacket means you are n a place very far away where where we are. ú% reporter: 15 degrees..3 we ot at the north pole. 15 degrres here, and this place is lwaas looking out for the heat. 900degree difference out there to in here. i got john mcfierson.side, and people who have to work outside in all of this today. >> i feel sorry for the people who arr the roofers and the ú%ople who work on the roads, itts got to e toogh. >> reporter:
a new poll for the maryland's governor race is placing bob ehrlich and roberto mallly. robert, o'malley. >>> that volume is increasing on the entire west side stretch all >>> 6:43 now on this wednesday morning and for now, dry out there, for the ost part. look at sky hd radar and only on the southern part of the eastern shore do we see a couple of3 remnants of showers that moved out of virginia and mmved across that part of the state. otherwise, watching the area toetothe midwest that is where e frontal boundaay is. that could be by tomorrow,ú fairly strrng. we will take a look at that in a %-76 degrees the temppratures in baltimore. 77 in d.c. and 69 in hagerstown. %-numbers, they have climbed a little bit and should continue %-the humidity is especially lar today and on thursday. it will move out by the weekend in time to enjoy a great weekend in fact. the better hance as i say it will be the as the front pushes through tomorrow by the late morning some showers and %-the afternoon as you can see3 some thunderstorms popping up later in afternoon for the eastern shore as well.
bank. oldest black owned bank in maryland openeddfor 88 years. >>> governor man tin martin o'my one of the biggest campaign signs in the area being is stored away. -oel d smith is live with the man behind the sign that has it's not only thh sign that has big, joel. >> reporter: that's ight. right heee. it's not up right now because stove colbey the owner of this it's on the back of this pickup truck but noo theekind of atttntion he wants em to se peoe it. today things get a little more serious wwen you'ring about hit the air waves for the fiist governor martin o'malley's commmrrial hits the ir waves and it touts the $5.7 million in cuts on the budget. that's what it talks, but we're here to talk with steve colbey aaout the sign nd 3 point lead for your candidate. whattdo you think?ú >> it's a great year for republicans innthe state of maryland joel. >> reporter: and maybe that is reflecting itt seef in the poll..3 we wiil see when things comeeup. as for you it's reached the federal lew suit level. what took it there instead of you arguing abouttsomething. >> i would have likkd
capital of maryland, but just for 24 hours. governor martin o'malley will be in the city today to ame it capital for a day. the monthly program wws started by governor o'malley in 2007. it brings the state apital to %-thhough a series of events and the chosen cities, towws and up billions of dollars ú%h pentagon officials ssy they have no idea where all that money went. >>> i'm mily gracie live at east point mall for baltimore idol. >>> we have you and patrice out3 there, both because it's so big. >>>reporter: absolutely crazy. i'm jjined by alexis. how long have you bben in line >>>we got ere sometime in the %->> reporter: who would yours. sayyyou're most like? ú% i sing like, maybe a little januarjanice ssmething along the liness >> could we have a little bit of singing? >> absolutely.ú >> have you ome here for date ♪ ♪ have you come here to play jesus ♪ ♪ to the leepers i leepprs in y♪ >> love it. good job. alexis. >> how long have you been out >> let's get a group sing. ú%erybody belt it out all at once. >> 11. >> 11:00. >> sing for me.3 >> okay. -ll
environmental homes in maryland about he peskey bed bugs. that is coming up later this -our. >>> should english be the only language legally allowed? town think so. a new proposed ordinance would make english the official -anguage of leno lake. under the plan all-city materials would only be printed in english and city meetings would not be trrnslated. the idea was proposed about a city councilmember who says ii will help save money, but the city's chambee of commerce says it could hurt city's ability to attract companies and skilled workers. others seem okay with it. -p>> no one comes to bat for us when it comes down to deciphering when we can't speak their language. you don't get no help from nobody. >> we speak engish in this country and that is the language that eople should learn if they want to move ere. >> offiiials from the american civil llberty fear that could turn into an immigration issue. leno lake has ever translated documents into another language so the impact of the decision isn't likely to be felt attall. >>> dust off your purple pride. training camp starts today for the ba
and thuuderstorms and thenna few isolated chances later for the central part of the state. western art of maryland earlier, we're already seeing showers and thunderstorms move into garrett counny. furrher east ttward hagerstown this morning. 89 degrees is the new hour. we ssould be already warming up quite a bit close to the high %-temperature and as you can se, tonight the warm and humid, 7443 for the overnight low, 92 and 90 for tomorrow and wednesday's high temperatures and we stay in the 90s all the way through ú%eerest of the wwek with thunderstorms more prevalent in the next couple of days and -solated chances thereafter through ssturday. what is on the roadways, candace dold has he answer with the3 traffic edge.3 candace. >> reporter: not too much happening out there. that is good news, you're going to love these nnmbers. ú%aveling on beltway, 59 miles at libertied boulevard. at 65, traveling through the beltwaa at pikesville. we want to show you what you can see at the key bridge on 695. it's going to be a beaatiful shot there. and there in both directions. the pace moving on theebeltw
struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward. martin o'malley is making the tough choices... >>it's another delay for the ú%mpany in finding out if a new capping method will stop tte oil flow into the gulf. >> we are going to do when bp is reedyy we will ssart to increase stack and we will do this in ssx hour intervals. and atteach six hour interval we will stop and we will consider a pressure data. we will looo at information that %e're aining from sonaa, any >> reporter: officials want to see how strong the well is and if it can holdup tt the increase pressure or find out if assthe plan testing process moves fooward, officials say taking the necessary safety precautiio ey. >> the containment kark tech are than at any poinn in this desaster. in a rate thaa is caution and not risky.3 -asing. moves outside of the want to occcr because we don'tt ú%nt to take ny action that -ould make things worse. that is why it'ssso important o >> reporter: as of now there's no test able as tt when bp can fix the new leakkand whe3 the testtng of t
maryland. there coold havv a better chance of a thunderstorm later in he day. 87 degrees for the noontime temperature, getting uu to 92 at about 1 to 2:00 this afternoon. 81 degrees aa 6:00 p.m..with a %-chances increasing again, 755degrees the ooernight low3 into tomorrow, that is 70% chance, you see with but the humidity will still be a factor so it won't feel a whole lot better. 90 degrees witt less humidity, it will feel better with the ú%grees. sunday and monday, humidity returns on tuesday, high of 92, and the low 90s, a chance of aú thunderstorm as we get into the tuesday and raaher wednesday and thursdayy now looking at here on the weekend fast for the beach and as you see, today 86 degrees partly cloudy but the 88 and mostty clear skies,h a sunday looking like the est bet. let's see what is happening on the roadways with caadace dold. ú-like the bestt ime to head out -he door and hit the roadways. we don't ave much to talk about out therre we continue to check in on the actual speeds. right now 2 miles per hour traveling through catonsville. 61 near security bouleeard. we w
and fox 45 morning news. >>> new this morning, annual infant mortaaity rates in maryland hit their lowest numbers in decade. the maryland department of health ann mental hygiene says stattsttcs how a drop in 2009 in infant death ape. they caution parents to take advantage of the preand most nate alservice and comprehensive follow-up care to makk sure that the numbers keep falling. >>> anna rrn deal ccunt are arut -ore efficient. in order to avoii eye sores the wind mills have to be under 125 feet tall and if residents want to insttll themmon properties ssaller then three acres they will need ccunty approval. some residents have complained that the towering wind mills will educe property values and ú%eate wind noise. >>> the live scone cross max digitally finger printed ande phottgraphed with one machine. it connects with other system allowing police to view the histtry of villes in just of --s within minutes. until now police were not able to find out if someone wws under parole jurisdictioo. every maryland jurisdiction now has at least one of these machines. -p>>> saaessof organic
maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. who's side he's on. this is a test [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. tender juicy steak, sizzlin' hot bacon, fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. this is a test this is a test >>> so much attention has been brought to the issue. >>> well, i think certainly both sides want to see that happen. we hear that t fra he from the conservative side. both sides say the government needs to step up and do something.
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